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Convert your Online Store into a Mobile Store
equipped with PayPal Mobile Express Checkout

The PayPal Mobile Store Plugin converts your existing online store into a fully operating mobile optimised store, making it easy for your customers to browse, navigate, select and purchase from their smart phone.
Payments are sent to your PayPal account using PayPal’s Mobile Express Checkout which offers the customer the options to pay with PayPal or a credit card.

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How to get started

The PayPal mobile store Plugin is powered by ezimerchant and currently supports ZenCart and osCommerce shopping carts. Please note that nothing on your existing website is affected by this process and that none of your private PayPal details are shared or kept with Ezimerchant. You will be required to give permission to assign relevant data feeds in the set up.

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What does it do?
  • Creates a mobile optimised website experience for customers that visit your online store from any mobile device
  • Appeal to a wider audience, customers searching for your site on a smart phone are automatically directed to a mobile site.
  • Increase sales
  • No change to your existing website.
  • No change to your order and payment process
  • Payments are managed by PayPal Mobile Express Checkout
How much does it cost?

The PayPal shopping cart plugin is FREE to download, install and use.

The only time there are costs from ezimerchant is when you engage them optionally for their range of paid services. These are:

  • Credit card payment gateway service for processing credit cards directly from your website into your Bank Account (requires a merchant facility provided by a financial institution)
  • Fraud Management
  • Address Verification
  • Realtime Currency exchange rates for multi-currency processing
Can I switch back if I want to?

Yes, you can easily uninstall at the click of a button should you wish.

"Mobile commerce is exploding around the world - more people will access the internet via mobile devices than a computer by 2013"
(Source: Morgan Stanley)

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